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Termíny oboru katastr nemovitostí (456)
3D real estate cadastre (GB), 3D real estate cadaster (US) (KN)
a building that represents an attachment to another building (KN)
a lot or group of lots outside the built-up areas (KN)
address point (KN)
adjudication (KN)
adjudication of boundaries (KN)
administration of a trust (KN)
administration of national property (KN)
administration of real estate cadastre (KN)
administration of real estates owned by state (KN)
administrative boundary (KN)
adverse possession (KN)
agricultural land (KN)
agricultural land fund (KN)
agricultural lot, agricultural plot (KN)
allotment (KN)
allotment plan (KN)
allotment procedure (KN)
analogue cadastral map (KN)
announcement of changes (KN)
announcement sheet (KN)
anoikonym (KN)
another authorized person (KN)
arable land (KN)
are (KN)
area brace symbol (KN)
area of cadastre unit (KN)
area of municipality production (KN)
area of part a lot in estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
Austrian morgen (KN)
authentication of cadastral survey sketch (KN)
barren land (KN)
barren land, rangeland (KN)
barren lot (KN)
basic review of areas of agricultural use (KN)
basic settlement unit (KN)
basic territorial unit (KN)
belonging the parcel to cadastre unit (KN)
belonging to the real estate owner (KN)
boundary mobile of cadastre unit (KN)
boundary of a parcel (KN)
boundary of a plot, boundary of a lot (KN)
boundary of administration unit (KN)
boundary of cadastre unit (KN)
boundary of land use (KN)
boundary of tenure (KN)
boundary taken over from another map source (KN)
building (KN)
building (KN)
building overlap (KN)
building parcel (KN)
building plot; building site (KN)
building right, right of superficies (KN)
building under construction (KN)
building with description house number (KN)
building with registration number (KN)
building without house and registration number (KN)
building's perimeter (KN)
built-up area (KN)
built-up area and courtyard (KN)
cadastral documentation (KN)
cadastral income (KN)
cadastral map copy (KN)
cadastral map digitized from an analogue map (KN)
cadastral map, cadastre map (KN)
cadastral mapping (KN)
cadastral surveying (KN)
cadastre as established by Emperor Joseph II (KN)
cadastre of lands (KN)
cadastre reference map (KN)
cadastre summarization documents (KN)
cadastre unit (KN)
cadastre, cadaster (US) (KN)
calculation of areas (KN)
calculation record (KN)
caveat (KN)
change analysis of land fund (KN)
change of using of lot (KN)
change record (KN)
co-ownership (KN)
collateral (KN)
collected land (KN)
collection of documents (KN)
common boundary point of three cadastre units or three lots (KN)
common ownership of lands and forests of (feudal) subjects, (feudal) land and duty register, urbarial (KN)
comparative composition of parcels (KN)
compensatory lot (KN)
compensatory use of land (KN)
competence to land management (KN)
competence to manage the state property (KN)
complete raster of entire cadastre unit (KN)
complex land consolidation (KN)
complex of buildings (KN)
consolidation of parcels (KN)
consolidation of plots (KN)
continuous raster (KN)
controversial remark (KN)
conversion of numerical data of an analogue map in the JTSK coordinate system into digital form (KN)
copy of land registry map (KN)
correction sheet (KN)
customary tenure (KN)
dealing about reclamations (KN)
dealing in cadastre, dealing in cadaster (US) (KN)
declaration of the effect of renewed documents of cadastre (KN)
deed (KN)
definition point (pointer, centroid) of a building or hydraulic structure (KN)
definition point (pointer, centroid) of a parcel (KN)
description house number (KN)
descriptive and survey documentation of real estate registry (KN)
digital cadastral map (KN)
digital code of cadastre unit (KN)
digitized cadastral map (KN)
disputable boundary (KN)
divided co-ownership (KN)
documentation of adjudication and surveying (KN)
documentation of detailed survey of changes (KN)
documentation of land parcels setting-out (KN)
documentation of the uniform land registry (KN)
Domesday Book (KN)
easement (KN)
easement (KN)
easement plot (parcel) (KN)
electronic signature, e-signature, digital signature (KN)
elementary land consolidation (KN)
enewal of cadastral documentation (KN)
entry of legal relations (KN)
entry of legal relations to real estates (KN)
estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
expropriation (KN)
extract of cadastre of real estates (KN)
extract of real estate registry (KN)
fair sheet, smooth sheet (US) (KN)
fathom (KN)
field inspection, adjudication (KN)
file of descriptive information (KN)
file of geodetic information (KN)
flat, dwelling (KN)
floor (KN)
folio of proprietary rights, owner's folio, Deed of Ownership (KN)
forest land resources (KN)
forest lot (KN)
fractional number of lot, fractional number of land parcel (KN)
future pledge (KN)
future usufruct of a property (KN)
garden (KN)
general liability of real estate registry (KN)
geometrical determination of cadastre unit, geometric determination of cadastre unit (US) (KN)
geometrical determination of real estate, geometric determination of real estate (US) (KN)
georeferencing of real estate and cadastre unit (KN)
global transformation key (KN)
graphical calculation of areas, graphic calculation of areas (US) (KN)
grassland (KN)
group of lots of the same sort having no visible demarcation lines (KN)
hectare (KN)
hop-field (KN)
house number, building number (KN)
house orientation number (KN)
hypotec, mortgage (KN)
identification number (KN)
identification of parcels (KN)
immovables, real estate, real property (KN)
improvement of agrarian structure land consolidation (KN)
indicative sign of house orientation number (KN)
indistinct boundary (KN)
indivisible co-ownership (KN)
information from cadastre of lands (KN)
information from real estate registry (KN)
information from the cadastre of real estate (KN)
information on the building (KN)
information on the cadastre unit (KN)
information on the flat (apartment) and non-residential premises (KN)
information on the owner of real estate and other entitled person (KN)
information on the parcel (of land) (KN)
information system of cadastre of real estates (KN)
information system of real estate registry (KN)
information system of territorial identification (KN)
inner drawing (KN)
inset map (KN)
instable boundary, moving boundary (KN)
intersection of building's outline with the ground (KN)
ISKN exchange format (KN)
joint holding, joint tenure (KN)
juridical relation to real estate (KN)
justified interest (KN)
justified preoccupation; justified possession (KN)
justified user of a real estate (KN)
label (KN)
land (parcel) map (KN)
land administration (KN)
land block, block of land parcels grouped together (KN)
land cadastre documentation (KN)
land cadastre map (KN)
land consolidation (KN)
land delimitation, delimitation of land fund (KN)
land fund (KN)
land fund protection (KN)
land information system (LIS) (KN)
land parcel number (KN)
land parcel of simplified Cadastre (KN)
land parcel register, lot register, plot register (KN)
land redistribution, land consolidation, consolidation of land (KN)
land reform (KN)
land register part containing one registration unit (KN)
land register sheet (KN)
land registry book (KN)
land registry map (KN)
land subdivision (KN)
land use boundary (KN)
land valuation (KN)
leasehold (KN)
leasehold (of land) (KN)
leaseholder (KN)
limitation of right of disposal, restriction of right of disposal (KN)
limits dividing parcels with different kind of utilization (KN)
list of anoikonyma (KN)
list of differences between the real and recorded state of lots (KN)
list of parcel of land (KN)
list of real estate owners and other entitled persons (KN)
list of users and owners (of real estates) (KN)
loan (KN)
local name of a group of land parcels or of a part of municipality (KN)
local name, oikonym (KN)
local relation (KN)
locality (KN)
lot in another municipality (KN)
maintenance of descriptive information file of cadastre of real estates (KN)
maintenance of geodetic information file of cadastre of real estates (KN)
map of land consolidation (KN)
map of real estate registry (KN)
marking of boundaries (KN)
material easement (KN)
material publicity (KN)
meaintenance of cadastre of real estates (KN)
mining register (KN)
mode of building using (KN)
mode of flat (or non-residential premises) protection (KN)
mode of land use (KN)
mode of real estate protection (KN)
mode of real estate using (KN)
mode of using the flat or non-residential space (KN)
modification of cadastre unit, change of cadastre unit (KN)
more detailed data about the cadastre of real estate (KN)
mortgage (KN)
municipal property, public property (KN)
municipal review of land use areas (KN)
municipality (KN)
municipality political (KN)
municipality with an authorized municipal office (KN)
name given to land in former Cadastre of Lands that was intentionally excluded from agriculture or forestry and used as sands pits, flood banks etc. (KN)
name of a part of municipality (KN)
name of a part of municipality (KN)
name of cadastre unit (KN)
name of municipality (KN)
name of non-residential premises (KN)
nature of land use (KN)
new cadastral survey (according to Law No. 177/1927) (KN)
new exchange format of the ISKN data (KN)
non unified cadastral documentation (KN)
non-residential premise (KN)
notation of legal relations to real estates (KN)
note about further proceedings of cadastre of real estates (KN)
note about further proceedings of real estate registry (KN)
note about juridical relations to real estates; recording of legal relations to real estates; recording the rights to the real estates in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
note about the sort of a lot (KN)
note about unpermitted using of lots (KN)
note of disputable boundary (KN)
note of rights to real estates (KN)
notes in land registry book (KN)
number of the building (KN)
number of the building (KN)
number of the control sheet of real estate registry (KN)
number of the unit (flat or non-residential premises) (KN)
numbering of plots, land parcel numbering, numbering of lots (KN)
numerical calculation of areas (KN)
numerical calculation of parcel area (KN)
numerical code of an estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
obligatory data of cadastre of real estates (KN)
orchard (KN)
organizational affiliation to branch of a legal person (KN)
orientation number (KN)
orientation parcel map (KN)
original lot (KN)
overhead construction (KN)
overhead real estate (KN)
owner's folio number (KN)
parcel area, area of a lot (KN)
parcel of land divided into two equal ideal parts that belong to two different cadastral territories (KN)
parcel of land, plot (US), land parcel (KN)
parcel of very narrow and elongated piece of land (KN)
parcel record (KN)
part of a lot, part of a parcel, part of a plot (KN)
part of municipality (KN)
partition of parcel, plot partition (KN)
peasant's private plot (in former socialist countries) (KN)
permanent parcel number (KN)
persistent use of real estate (KN)
personal identity number (KN)
personal property, personal ownership (KN)
personal use of plot, personal use of lot (KN)
physical boundary (KN)
planimetric determination of area (KN)
planimetry, plane geometry (KN)
plot (of land), parcel (of land), plat (US) (KN)
plot, lot, land (KN)
pre-emption, pre-emption right (KN)
primary document (KN)
primary document of real estate registry (KN)
private property of corporation (KN)
private property of juridical persons (KN)
private property of natural person (KN)
private property, private ownership (KN)
proceeding in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
prohibition of encumbrance or alienation (KN)
projection of building's perimeter to the ground (KN)
proof of authentification of survey sketch (KN)
property of dwelling (KN)
property right to real estate (KN)
property right, ownership right (KN)
property rights to real estate (KN)
property, ownership, possesion (KN)
proprietary relation (KN)
proprietor of a real estate, owner of a real estate (KN)
provisional vector cadastral map (KN)
public document (KN)
public list (KN)
public notice on bankruptcy of a real estate proprietor (KN)
public place (KN)
public registers (KN)
public remote access to RÚIAN data (VDP) (KN)
publicity of cadastre documentation (KN)
quality of area determination (KN)
railway real estate registry (KN)
railway register (KN)
real estate cadastre of the Czech Republic, cadastre of real estate of the Czech Republic (KN)
real estate cadastre, cadastre of real estate (KN)
real estate registry of a company, real estate registry realized by a juridical person to be used internally (KN)
real estate registry, land registry (KN)
real estate remark (KN)
real estate specification (KN)
real property boundary (KN)
reconstructed raster of a map sheet (KN)
record of changes in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
record of setting-out the lot boundary (KN)
records in land registry book (KN)
register of evidence of real estates (KN)
register of proprietors of a real estate and other entitled persons (KN)
Register of territorial identification addresses and real-estates (KN)
register of users and proprietors of real estate (KN)
registration number (KN)
registration number (of country cottage) (KN)
remark (KN)
remark to а party (KN)
remote access to the ISKN (KN)
renewal of cadastral documentation by new mapping (KN)
renewal of cadastre documentation by revision (KN)
renewal of descriptive documents of real estate registry (KN)
renewal of survey documents of real estate registry (KN)
renewal of the land cadastre, updating of the cadastre of lands (KN)
report on areas (KN)
report on changes (KN)
report on total values of land use types (KN)
reservation of a better buyer (KN)
reservation of repurchase (KN)
reservation of resаlе (KN)
reservation of the right of ownership (KN)
restitution (KN)
restriction of transfer of a real estates (KN)
result of land consolidation (KN)
review of real estate registration sheets (KN)
review of records on detailed survey of changes (KN)
revised cadastre (KN)
revision of cadastre (cadastral) data (KN)
right of exploitation as an easement (KN)
right of property management (KN)
right of way (KN)
right to manage state property (KN)
road register (KN)
RÚIAN exchange format (KN)
rural area (KN)
sealing (KN)
secure electronic signature (KN)
setting-out of boundary of a lot, demarcation (KN)
setting-out sketch, staking-out sketch (KN)
sheet of registry (KN)
simplified land inventory (KN)
small building not registered in cadastre, small building or construction (KN)
socialist cooperative property (KN)
soil sort, soil texture (KN)
soil type (KN)
soil value (KN)
source raster of map base (KN)
specification of the land use nature (KN)
square fathom (KN)
stable cadastre (KN)
street definition line (KN)
strike, measure of area (equal to 2877.32 m²) (KN)
sub-pledge (KN)
subregisters of real estate registry (KN)
sum of parcels in a given municipality minus those parcels which are held by users which live in another municipality (KN)
sum of parcels in a given municipality plus those parcels placed in other municipality that are held by users living in that municipality (KN)
summarisation reports, summarization repotrs (US) (KN)
summarisation territorial unit, summarization territorial unit (US) (KN)
survey documentation (KN)
survey documentation of land cadastre (KN)
survey documentation of the real estate registry (KN)
survey sketch (KN)
technical and economic attributes (KN)
technical unit of territory (KN)
temporary construction (KN)
temporary use of real estate (KN)
tenancy (KN)
tenancy, leasehold (KN)
tenant (KN)
tenant (KN)
tenure (KN)
territorial administrative boundary (KN)
territorial administrative unit (KN)
territorial identification (KN)
territorial inventory unit (KN)
territorial unit (KN)
territory (KN)
toponymy (KN)
total values of nature of land use (KN)
town district of Prague, Prague district (KN)
tract of land (KN)
trial purchase (KN)
trust fund (KN)
type of building (KN)
type of flat or non-residential premises (KN)
type of land parcel numbering (KN)
type of plot, type of land parcel (KN)
underground construction (KN)
unified cadastral documentation (KN)
uniform land registry (KN)
unit (flat or non-residential premises) in the building (KN)
unit (flat or non-residential premises) under construction (KN)
unit (under the new Czech Civil Code) (KN)
unit of area (KN)
unit of territorial administration (KN)
updating of correction map sheet (KN)
updating of descriptive document file of the cadastre of real estates (KN)
updating of land registry map (KN)
updating of real estate registry (KN)
updating of working map (KN)
use of real estate (KN)
user of a real estate (KN)
valuation of land parcels (KN)
Vienna fathom (KN)
viewing the cadastre documents (KN)
vineyard (KN)
waiving the right to claim compensation for damage caused to a tract of land (KN)
water register (KN)
water surface (KN)
written documentation (KN)
written documentation of land cadastre (KN)
written documentation of the real estate registry (KN)
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